How To Fix Holes In Your Drywall

Drywall is a very strong substance that we place on our walls to make our rooms complete.  When hanging drywall, the installer will use screws, plaster, tape and an assortment of additional materials to make all of the panels of drywall match up creating one large piece.

After the drywall is installed, we will paint the walls to make everything look nice and start hanging pictures, shelves and other items to complete the room.  When we do this or even through the standard day to day use of our home, the walls may become damaged.  If this happens, drywall repair near me in mooresville, nc may need to be completed.

Assess the damage

Before you do any repairs, you want to assess the damage.  This means you go look at the hole, scrape or scratch, see how bad it is and then start to determine what you need to do it repair it.  For some small holes you can simply fill it in with some mud and once it is dry, sand it and paint.  For larger repairs, you may need to replace entire sections of the drywall.

The tools

There are several tools that you need to repair your drywall.  The first is a trowel.  The trowel is a device that you use to spread on the drywall mud to fill in the hole.  From there you will need to have sandpaper and tape. 

The process

The process for repairing your drywall is the same.  You need to either cut away old drywall and replace it with another piece or you can patch over it if the hole is small enough and not in a prominent place that would hold a photo or shelf.

drywall repair near me in mooresville, nc

Getting help

If you have never repaired drywall before you might want to hire a professional.  They will have all the tools and supplies needed to do the job.  This can become very expensive if you do it yourself.  For half or less you can simply have a professional come in and get it done.