Creating A Harmonious Bathroom Experience

The bathroom is a private place and one that we tend to take pride in making our own.  For most people who are single, having a bathroom to themselves is a wondrous experience.  However, when you get into a relationship and now you have someone else in your life that that will need to take over your space, creating something that you both can enjoy can become a challenge.

Determining your needs

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The first thing that you need to do before you start any construction is to determine each other’s needs.  This can be a hard conversation to get into, however, if you talk about it and determine things such as bathroom vanities cedar rapids ia, then you can really work towards making something that works for both of you.

Set time blocks

Now, of course we all can’t just say when we need to use the bathroom, that is ridiculous.  However, in the morning when the both of you are trying to get ready for work if you just need to get yourself ready, trying to use it at the same time can be very challenging.  This is why you should consider creating time blocks.  These time blocks can be adjusted and modified as needed, but as you do things and live together you can start to learn and adjust a schedule.

Have separate areas

If possible, you might want to consider having a his and hers bathroom.  In most cases, the woman will have the main master bath where the male will take the spare bathroom.  If this is not possible then you will want to maximize your space and create a new bathroom setup that works for both of you.

Don’t argue

No matter what you do, don’t argue over the bathroom.  There are so many things that are more important in life and with just a little time and effort you can make this a joyous experience for everyone.